Undoubtedly, One of The World’s Best Tasting Coffees.

In the late winter and early spring of 1859, what would become known as the start of the Colorado Gold Rush, the would-be-miners, or “59ers” began arriving in Denver to discover their fortunes in gold. As they ventured high into the mountains many carried green coffee beans which required roasting in a skillet over an open fire.

Today, high-altitude roasting has become the most preferred roasting process, bringing out the coffee’s freshest and natural flavors. The high altitude and cool thin mountain air produces a shorter coffee roast at a lower temperature, eliminating the scorching of the coffee beans, resulting in a noticeably, smoother and bolder coffee flavor without any burnt or harsh aftertaste and lower acidity.

The Tradition Lives On

At 1859 Coffee, the tradition lives on. We roast our coffee high in the Rocky Mountains just as our ancestors did over 100 years ago, handcrafting what undoubtedly could be one of the world’s freshest and best tasting coffees. You can just smell the Rocky Mountain aroma and taste the history of Colorado in each and every sip.


I Want To Be A Cowboy

The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo - Where Coffee and Horses Come Together

I’ve always considered myself kind of a mountain guy but my experience slingin’ and sellin’ our high-altitude roasted coffees at the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo in Denver has me always ending the show wanting to be a cowboy. It’s something I don’t experience every day and it was nothing less than just as exciting as last year. My coffee booth (806) is located on the trade show floor just a few feet away from where they walk the horses back and forth to arena... Read More